Project BG3: Week 18 – Four Months In

December 25, 2014 BG3, Project BG3 0

This past week has been good, except for at night. She used to sleep so well at night and all of a sudden, she’s waking up a lot more and crying & screaming. I originally thought it was because we stopped giving her the Zantac, but then I restarted it last night and she was still pretty cranky. Maybe I need to give it more time?! Or give her more, because she’s a bit bigger now. I’m not sure yet. The doctor says it’s just trial and error with these kinds of things.

A funny thing that has happened recently is she’s starting to develop stranger anxiety. My mother just came back from a two-month vacation and when she tries to hold or speak to BG3, she cries. She was like that with my SIL, too, who she sees every few weeks. When others try to hold her, she always looks around to make sure there’s a familiar face nearby, it’s so cute.

The doctor’s visit was a bit of a let down. She only gained 4 oz in a month! She was gaining one pound a month and even that wasn’t enough to me. Now barely even half a pound! Sigh. The doctor said not to worry too much right now. We just have to wait and see how she is in the next two months.

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