Project BG3: Week 23 – Endless Babbling

January 29, 2015 BG3, Project BG3 0

I’ve noticed that BG3 has been babbling nonstop this past week. Sure, she’s quite the talker any given day, but this week, it was practically endless. And I LOVED it!

Listening to babies babble is one of the best sounds, right up there with hearing them laugh. It’s just so cute! It’s funny, too, hearing them go on and on, even trying to hold a conversation with you, as if you’re totally supposed to get what they’re trying to say. It makes me laugh when they throw in a few high-pitched squeals, too. It’s also super cute that when you put your face near her, she immediately places her hands on both sides of your face, basically drawing you, and feeling it, kind of like getting another sense of it through touch. So cute!

She has been more playful and content this week. Her dad has got a good routine going on and as I watch via FaceTime, it’s just pleasing to see her sit in her walker or laying in her Pack n’ Play and entertain herself. She’s been moving around a lot more in her walker, nothing steady or smooth yet, but it’s just another example how much more coordinated her motor skills are becoming day by day.

No sightings of pearly whites yet. I’m anxious for that first tooth to break free, but then I also want to enjoy the gummy smiles while they last. Once one pops up, there’s no going back!

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