Project BG3: Week 24 – Thumb Sucker!

February 5, 2015 BG3, Project BG3 0

Good lord! We have a thumb sucker on our hands! GASP!

This is even worse than BG2 being hooked on the pacifier. At least people can be weaned off from that. You never see an adult walking around sucking on a pacifier, but I have seen my fair share of adults who still suck their thumb. Yes, quite a few clients would come in back when I did nails who still sucked their thumbs. They just couldn’t break the habit.

BG3, like any baby, has been an avid hand nibbler since she discovered she had hands, but recently I’ve caught her sucking her thumb, much to my dismay, albeit in a very cute way. I don’t know if they will turn into a habit and after I get over the initial cuteness of it, I take it out of her mouth. She doesn’t seem to mind and usually replaces it with another finger or toy. It’s just weird because none of my other kids really focused on a particular finger, they’d just stick their whole hand or multiple fingers in their mouths. Will this be a thing?! Only time will tell.

Our family was hit HARD these past two weeks with a crazy stomach bug, which started with BG2 and progress to BG1, me, and then the hubs. We’re all crossing our fingers and praying the baby didn’t catch anything because that would just be awful. I’ve said before how much it breaks my heart every time she gets sick, so this kind of thing would be even worse. And since she has a propensity to get sick easily, I’m worried and have been monitoring her like a hawk.

Sigh, I keep saying that I’m not going to worry about her intake anymore, but I can’t help it. It’s a roller coaster of emotions for me, really. Last weekend when I was home with her, she barely topped off at 15oz. and she didn’t even finish her plate of baby food, which we feed her twice a day. The hubs and the sitter swear she finishes that and drinks 18-24oz a day, so I don’t know if it’s me or what. I just can’t understand why she doesn’t want to eat. How can she not be starving?! Why must she make me crazy with worry like this?! I don’t even want to think about her upcoming 6 month appt and whether or not she’s gained any weight, which I’m positive she hasn’t. Ugh, I know I sound like a broken record, but this issue will continue to plague me, of that I’m sure.

Besides that, her temperament is pretty steady and she is at her best when she’s on her tummy, in her walker, or in someone’s arms. She also has a favorite toy, a pink bunny with crinkly ears that is a part of a playmat that her aunt got her. She just loves munching on those ears!

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