Project BG3: Week 27 – 6 Months Old!

February 26, 2015 BG3, Project BG3 4

BG3 had her 6 month check up this week. Sadly, she’s only 14lbs 5oz, which means she’s barely gained a pound in two months. Sigh. The doctor says she’s still in the 25th percentile, and since her height is only in the 5th percentile, it’s not a bad proportion. She’s definitely never going to be the chubby baby that I hoped for, but she seems healthy. She is growing, just in a minimal way. I guess as long as she’s meeting her milestones, bodily functions appear normal, and she’s acting like a typical baby, then I have nothing to worry about.

The doctor told us that as long as we puree well enough, she can basically eat anything now. She’s been eating the jarred baby food fine, and I think I’m going to start giving her more table food. She’s definitely curious about what we eat and I’m hoping by eating what we eat she’ll get more calories.

He also said that her hip/thighs are a little stiff, but just told us to exercise her limbs every day. She jumps around a lot so I’m surprised that’s the case, but I guess she doesn’t really spread her legs like that.

She’s starting to roll around in different directions lately. Before, she was only able to roll from her back to her belly, and usually towards the right. Nowadays, she’s doing both sides and even managing to roll from her belly to her back. Gone are the days when she used to just lay there like a lump, so fast, and now she moves around like a wriggly worm. A cute, funny one at that! Not to mention that this girl loves standing up and bouncing.

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