Project BG3: Week 30 – Stranger and Separation Anxiety

March 19, 2015 BG3, Project BG3 4

Oh, the anxiety is strong in this one.

You know I talked about how she would cry whenever I leave the room?! Well, it’s gotten more intense lately. If I’m not in her line of sight, she starts to whine and cry. It isn’t nearly as bad when there are others, like her dad or sisters, around her, and they can easily distract her, but once she sees me again, she wants me. Of course, I love how much she wants me, but it leaves me little time for anything else. I’m actually the only one who she’s put her arms out, trying to go to so I can hold her. It surprises me a bit since she’s spent much more time with her dad.

Strangers don’t get any love from BG3 either. She’ll side-eye you and stare quite a bit, determining if she likes you or not. Those she likes gets her signature adorable smile while others will get a dismissal via a turn of the head. That’s nothing compared to the screamfest she gives if anyone she doesn’t know tries to hold her though. Even my friends and relatives get it. After awhile she does warm up to people and some have even been able to hold and hug for, even if just for a few minutes.

Also, as much as I tried to avoid it, BG3 is sick yet again. Sigh, this season has been terrible for my family health-wise, especially for BG3. My niece, who is at the same daycare as BG3 was sick at the end of last week, so I decided to keep her home with me to avoid her catching anything. Unfortunately, because our weekend was full of events that had us in close quarters with a lot of people, somehow, she caught a bug and got sick. It’s never fun when a kid is sick, but it’s even worse with BG3 because she barely drinks enough as it is, and that turns into practically non-existent when she gets sick. It’s a combination of her being so congested and just feeling yucky, which makes you not want to eat. You all know I already stress over her intake and weight, so this never helps. If only I could feed her more table food, but she’s still not at the point where she can chew on solids like that yet. I’m tempted to puree every edible thing in our house and offer it to her in the hopes that it’ll help.

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4 Responses to “Project BG3: Week 30 – Stranger and Separation Anxiety”

  1. sarah c.

    Ouch.. i m having seperation anxiety with my 4yr old boy. He is in preschool right now and every day is a struggle with this. When he was a baby its exactly as you had written- couldn’t leave the room always wanting to be held. I didn’t know about the whole seperation thing back then as this is my first child.. Have you experienced this with your other girls or is this the first time???

    • Vi

      Oh, the transition from home to school is always the roughest. It’s so bittersweet seeing them all happy and (almost) self-sufficient in school after caring for them for all those years. The baby is definitely my most temperamental one out of the three, very high maintenance. The others were clingy at times, but not to the extent that she is now.

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