Project BG3: Week 31 – High Maintenance Kind of Girl

March 26, 2015 BG3, Project BG3 2

In true BG3 fashion, we have learned that this girl does not care for jarred baby food. Nope! She prefers her food pureed at home, fresh and the old-fashioned way.

When we first started giving her jarred baby food after stepping it up from the rice puree, I just thought she didn’t like eating anything but the rice puree. I was worried. But, since I use veggies and all for the broth in the rice puree, I figured, why not make use of them and puree them as well and see if she likes it. Turns out, she does. She gobbles it up just as greedily as her rice puree dishes. I don’t know if the jarred baby food just have too much flavor in it or what, but she’s not a fan.

So yeah, I’ve concluded that BG3 is a high maintenance baby:

– She needs/wants to be held ALL. THE. TIME.
– Putting her to sleep is a detailed workout consisting of swaddling her (still) tightly, inserting her pacifier, and a combination of shushing, butt patting, and bouncing for however long it takes for her to fall asleep.
– Feeding her the bottle is a battle. Sometimes she requires distractions, other times we must rely on whatever technique/trick we can to get her to focus and suck (i.e. singing, shushing, patting, leg-shaking, etc), all while fighting off one wayward hand that seems to always find its way into your mouth AND another demon hand who LOVES to pinch your arm
– She requires homemade solids. None of that store-bought, pre-packaged crap for this baby

Don’t let that face fool you!

I swear, if I didn’t love this girl…

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