Project BG3: Week 34 – And, She Lunges!

April 16, 2015 BG3, Project BG3 0

BG3 is all better now after her bout of what I’m now positive was the Roseola virus. No idea how she caught it, either from her daycare or the Easter Egg Hunt event, but either way, I’m glad that’s over with.

Remember when I mentioned that second tooth that was starting to sprout? Well, it’s like halfway out right now and sitting proudly next to its predecessor and even though I’ll sadly miss those toothless smiles, her toothy smiles are equally adorable.

It’s also pretty hilarious when she uses said teeth to grind on our coffee table. BG2 used to do that, too. So cute!

She’s starting to show signs of the beginning stages of crawling. Occasionally she’ll pull herself up on her knees and she’s a master at pushing herself backwards nowadays. She’s also quite the lunger. Every time I put her on a bed I have to be cautious because she’s constantly lunging at me or anyone near the bed. The same goes for any other time another person is near her and she’s just laying there. It causes me mini heart attacks, but it’s progress in her gross motor skills.

We’ve been doing great with the solid foods, too. She loves the mixed veggie purees and greedily eats a small container at each feeding. We’ve also been giving her more and more foods that we eat, little bits and pieces here and there that she can easily swallow without choking. She definitely prefers solid foods compared to her formula, so I have high hopes for after she turns One and she’s not so reliant on the nutrition that comes from formula.

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