Project BG3: Week 36 – Go Away, Germs!

April 30, 2015 BG3, Project BG3 1

This week was yet another sick week for us. Poor baby was just not having it. I feel like I need to put her in a bubble or something so she can’t get sick anymore.

I feel like she was more uncomfortable this time around than anything else. I think it was another virus, since she had a fever and rash again. No runny/stuffy nose or cough. Her fever took a few days to come down and it was pretty high for awhile there, staying up at around 103. A lot of crying fits and hardly any formula intake. Sigh.

But, thankfully, she’s on the mend. Yesterday she started acting like her usual adorable self and I could tell she was feeling much better. She’s still pretty spoiled, always wanting to be held and she still doesn’t like it when people leave her in a room alone.

We caught a couple moments of her pulling herself up on her knees and even once when she put one arm in front of her, acting like she was going to crawl, but then that was quickly followed by her flopping back down on her belly. She’s such a tease!

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