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May 25, 2015 Unbox Me 3

In my quest to find new subscription boxes to try out, I stumbled upon Fandom of the Month. It is reasonably priced at only $13/month (plus shipping).

In case you didn’t know, Fandom of the Month is a monthly subscription box filled with jewelry inspired by various fandoms (i.e. Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Divergent, etc).

I’ve been meaning to expand on my jewelry collection and I love that this incorporates jewelry and fandoms. The jewelry is from Erin’s (the creator) own online jewelry store, The Geeky Cauldron, which features reasonably-priced pieces that are quite pretty.

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Here is the full box with all the products:


And here are the products individually:


Sandsink sack – $6
“Contrary to what Obi-Wan says, these ARE the bags you’re looking for! They come in a variety of sizes and with a wide array of galactically intriguing designs. Even C3-PO can’t argue with their awesomeness. We use them for anything and everything but our favorites use is transporting and organizing blaster guns, phasers, and thermal detonators!

The rustic fabric gives them a vintage look and feel so it is normal for the ink to be thinner in some places, thicker in others, and may even seep onto the back. We like it though, because it adds character. You never know what you’re gonna get. They are as predictable as Bertie Botts every flavor beans. “Hmm, I’ve never HAD earwax!””


Harry Potter-inspired keychain – $5-$9 (est)
This item was made exclusively for April’s FotM box by Missy from The Sorcerer’s Phone (Erin’s sister), so there isn’t a set price for it. I have seen keychains selling similar to this range on Etsy though.

Feather necklace – $8-$9 (est)


Snitch earrings – $10 (est)

Owl ring – $8 (est)

Is it worth it?

As far as value goes, I think it’s great. Even though I’m only estimating prices, if you look at The Geeky Cauldron, most pieces are sold at the same range, so you’re getting a good deal. Of course, the pieces aren’t high quality, but they’re pretty and I haven’t had any problems wearing them around. I really like that they’re themed and I liked that my first box was a Harry Potter box. They also recently switched from bags to boxes, and I’m a big fan of that as I think it adds quality to the delivery and the service itself. I also like the cute little sacks that come with each box. They have specific quotes on them tailored to the fandom and it’ll be nice to collect them and use them to store the pieces.

So far so good and I’m excited to get my second box. I’ll reserve complete judgement for after a few months when I see firsthand what kind of variety they have.

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    • Vi

      Lol, my go-to website is My Subscription Addiction, but yeah, I def research boxes for different things I like. My budget is very tight, so I don’t take these decisions lightly. I’ve never been big on jewelry either, but I’m kinda going thru a girly phase right now, so I figured, why not?! Lol.

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