Project BG3: Week 44 – Standing Baby!

June 25, 2015 BG3, Project BG3 0

Sure, she wants to cross milestones and make me feel even worse for not being there by standing up on her own this week! BG3!!!!!

Yes, she stood up unassisted this week. And for longer than a few seconds. She’s not steady and confident about it yet, obviously, but it shocked me that while she was watching her favorite show one morning she just got up and stood there. She flopped back down after like a minute and then did it again. It was so crazy!

She’s been pulling herself to stand for the longest time now, but it was crazy that she did that out of nowhere. Could walking be in the VERY near future? BG1 walked a couple days before her first birthday and BG2 walked like a week or two before hers. If BG3 is following in this trend, she could be walking sometime next month. Eeeepppp!!!

I both want her to and yet I don’t. Each time she learns something new, honestly, every day, I’m reminded how quickly time is flying by and how I seriously need to cherish all these moments because that’s it. I’m done. My baby is growing up too fast.

I’m ready for this week to end because the older girls will finally be done school and home consistently with their dad and sister. It’s always more fun with a full house.

I wish I was one of those vloggers who filmed my everyday life, even if I never posted it online. I kind of want to do that now, but then I feel bad because I never did before. Of course, I have some “home movies” and stuff on my phone, but definitely not enough. That’s something I want to work on here on out. All the memories will be in my head and my heart, but I want something physical to look back on because they won’t look like they do now in a few years.

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