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July 12, 2015 Discussions 5


You know what I miss? The chase.

I miss reading a book where the actual focus is on a guy chasing after a girl he likes. And I’m not talking about the tried-and-true plot outline that practically every romance author goes for now. I miss the dating, the fun and excitement, the memories, and the good times. Is this something that people don’t care for in books nowadays?

I can pretty much predict how a romance book is going to go: two characters meet, they could possibly hate each other at first, and there’s instant attraction. “Fate” brings them together and after only a couple interactions, they’re jumping in the sack together. Then, that’s when the drama comes up, something inevitably causes a rift, and they split only to realize they can’t live without each other and BAM! The end. Now there’s nothing wrong with this kind of story if done right, so I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it’s basically the same story, different names.

You all know what I mean when I say “the chase” right? I want to read about a guy who meets a girl whether by chance, second chance, or whatever. He then proceeds to win her over by doing sweet gestures, giving her meaningful gifts (i.e. not the stereotypical flowers or chocolates), showing her how amazing he is and how much he really likes her, stuff like that. I’m all for the bad boy or even the aloof, brooding alpha male every now and then, but what about the genuinely sweet, caring guy who just wants to actually date and get to know this new girl he’s attracted to?

How about he takes her out for ice cream or surprises her by sending a care package to her workplace? How about they go on a few dates without mauling each other, but rather, having subtle touches and having them question whether or not there will be a goodnight kiss at the end? How about the guy making up his mind that he wants this girl and is willing to basically “woo” the girl until she sees that she should give him a real chance? Even those rich billionaires can afford to step outside their bubble to win a girl over by at least, say, closing down a stadium and having her favorite music artist sing while they dance together and then run around all the empty seats making fools of themselves. Who knows?! The options should be endless.

As much as I enjoy seeing characters I love jumping each other’s bones, I’d also like to see more of the stuff leading up to it. Dating foreplay, if you will. Even if they do end up having sex early on, I don’t want it to be the end of their so-called “courtship”. I miss having a guy surprise you by showing up out of the blue and whisking you away for a day of fun. I miss when couples have fights and the guy makes up for it by doing something sweet and endearing. I miss not knowing when or if the girl will actually give him a chance instead of giving in right away because “he’s so damn hot that my treacherous body reacts to him instantly”.

Whatever happened to the “grand romantic gestures” or the girl not giving in so easily, especially when the guy was a bit of a jerk to begin with or even if he’s not? I’m not advocating unnecessary drama or anything, but yeah, I miss the push and pull of two people exploring romance and love before they commit to a relationship. And it doesn’t have to be a one-way street. I’d love to see a girl chase after a guy, not in a crazy stalker chick kind of way, but in a sweet way because that would totally be different. It’s kind of like in real life, where when I was single, I loved it when a guy went out of his way to try to talk to me or show off to get my attention. I loved dating, especially the first few months, not know where it would lead and what the guy would do next. The surprises and the excitement. Maybe I’m a bit old-fashioned in that way, but yeah, I want more of that, in my books at least.

Most books have some of the things that I want, but most of the time it feels like it’s not enough or that’s not the focus, just a minor blip in the story and I’m left wanting so much more.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you kind of get what I’m saying, lol? Does anyone know of a book that might appeal to my “chase me” needs? Do you even care for “the chase” or do you prefer the usual plots lines that are common in books these days?

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5 Responses to “Let’s Discuss: The Chase”

    • Vi

      I have that book and now I’m gonna have to move it up the list bc of your suggestion. I guess there’s more of the innocence, chase, and momentum in YA romance, but I wish there was more in NA and Adult Romance.

    • Vi

      Right?! I wish it happened more in NA & Adult Romance. Sometimes YA romance doesn’t work right for me.

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