Project BG3: Week 45 – Pacifier Preference

July 2, 2015 BG3, Project BG3 4

We’ve been trying to switch her to a different type of pacifier lately, one that her sister was VERY fond of. But it seems BG3 has her own preference and is sticking to those pacifiers that hospitals give all babies at birth. I guess she’s used to the feel of it. It’s crazy that two out of three of my kids are addicted to pacifiers, as that was never a thing in my family. For some reason, it soothes both her and her older sister. I have to mention that it was hilarious how when we tried the other pacifier and it turned out that BG3 didn’t like it, BG2 swept right on in and tried to claim it as her own. She has been pacifier-free for a long time now, but I guess seeing it again made her want it. Of course, we didn’t let her have it. Wouldn’t want her to relapse now.

BG3 loves to stand up nowadays and I firmly believe she’ll be walking by the end of this month. She favorite spots to pull up to stand are at the head of my bed the coffee table, and her playpen downstairs. She’s also a master at falling on her cushioned butt.

BG3 has a thing for noodles and she quickly devours a bowl of it nowadays. We also let her try some chicken this week and she liked that, too. I think she’s a fan of pretty much any kind of food these days. She’s definitely not one to remain quiet in hopes that you’ll feed her, but rather loves to make her hunger known in her crazy wails. You would think that we don’t feed her with that attitude.

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4 Responses to “Project BG3: Week 45 – Pacifier Preference”

  1. Betty

    aww she is precious!! none of my kids ever liked pacifiers!! 🙁 i tried every kind, but no dice!

    • Vi

      Thanks, Betty. Yeah, Idk why my last two kids love pacifiers so much. But, whatever saves my sanity, lol.

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