Project BG3: Week 46 – She Doesn’t Care for Sand

July 9, 2015 BG3, Project BG3 1

It was so amazing to be back with the family after 3 weeks. It also made me very happy that it didn’t take as long for the baby to warm up to me again. Usually when I leave for a period of time it takes about a day or so for her to cling to me again like she normally does. This time, it happened within a few hours. I reveled in holding, hugging, and kissing her. My favorite moments are when she puts her head on my shoulder. So sweet!

We took the kids to the beach this weekend and it was the baby’s first time there. It was funny seeing her expressions and reactions as she felt the sand between her toes and tried to eat it. She learned quickly that it does not taste good. She wasn’t a fan of the water either, but in her defense, that water was crazy cold! Most of the time she was just sitting on the towel and playing with her toys. She might end up being like me and not into nature so much, lol. It was pretty hot and when it came time for her nap, she fell asleep quickly and I strapped her into the baby carrier, where she stayed asleep for a few hours. After that, we took a stroll on the boardwalk and she just casually observed all the people and all the seagulls. It was so cute seeing her take it all in.

Some memorable moments:

– Always the hungry baby, she saw hubs feed me something while I was holding her and as soon as I turned to look at her she promptly covered my mouth with hers, hoping to get a piece of it. Too funny!
– When I was holding her, the hubs put out his hands to try and hold her. She turned to him and stared for literally a good minute, really thinking it through, before finally putting her arms out for him to grab. It was quite the tough decision.

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