A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party

August 25, 2015 BG3, Parenting 6


I’m quite proud of myself and my family for putting this all together. Granted, Mickey Mouse is a staple, so there are plenty of party ideas and supplies, but still. I really liked how everything came together. The birthday banner was made from a banner company that the Hubs used for his job. We bought a wooden frame with clothespins to put together BG3’s monthly pictures. I was so happy to see that Michaels had them pre-made and ready to buy.


This display was on one of the side tables in our living room. The Mickey Mouse glove is a souvenir we got when we went to Disney World a few years back. Those are BG3’s shoes for the party and I framed a subway art of some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse sayings that I got from Simply Real Moms.


We decided to keep the favors simple for this party because we knew there weren’t going to be a lot of kids there. I wanted something the adults could take home. I saw this idea for Mickey Mouse-shaped rice krispies treats and loved it so I got the Hubs’ best friend, who makes the treats all the time, to make a couple trays and we used cookie cutters to get the shape. I printed the favor toppers from Lamberts Lately and I bought the favor bags from Wal-Mart.

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For all the wall and door decorations, I printed out a Mickey Mouse head template and cut them from construction paper, with the help of BG1 and her friend. For all the signs, I created them in a Word document using the Waltograph and Mickey Mouse fonts that I found online.


I bought Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Air Walker balloons from Amazon and I loved them. BG3’s face lit up when she saw Mickey.


We ordered the cake from Acme, who makes some pretty good cakes. I love how they included the Mickey & Minnie rings as an added decor on the cake. We used a #1 candle that I had saved from BG2’s birthday a few years ago.

For the decor on the treats table, I printed blank labels from Lambert’s Lately and filled them in using the Mickey font. The treats we provided were cheese puffs, goldfish crackers, pretzels, and chips & dip.

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I bought the napkins, cups, hanging decor and plates from Wal-Mart and the table cover and polka-dot backdrop from Amazon.

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I bought the drink dispensers from Wal-Mart and added the signs the same way I did with all the other decor.


The PARTY sign I printed from Wonderful Chaotic Life and I created the “Alayna’s Clubhouse” sign in Word.

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My sister was kind enough to make Mickey cupcakes for the party and they were delicious.


My SIL also made cake pops, another delicious treat.

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All in all, the party was a success. BG3 wasn’t happy, but then most babies usually aren’t when there’s so many people around and she’s a pretty clingy baby as is. In any case, I was happy with the turnout and so happy to be able to celebrate her birthday with close friends and family.

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6 Responses to “A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party”

    • Vi

      Lol, I would totally be up for that! I love planning parties and doing all that stuff. Girl, don’t even joke! Thank you for your kind comments.

  1. Jamie Capone

    This was sucha cute party love the Mickey/minnie theme because it suitable for boys and girls. Love what you did here ! I did the Minnie theme for my daughters first!

    • Vi

      Aw, thank you. Yes, I love how versatile the Mickey theme is and the fact that you have so many options. It was definitely my easier party to plan and execute. Yay for first birthdays!

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