Project BG3: Week 50 – We’re Getting Close

August 6, 2015 Project BG3 1

Ah! I can’t believe we’re only two weeks away from the BIG ONE!

I seriously need to start getting things in order for her party.

Anyways, we transitioned her to the Pack n Play this week for naps and bedtime, which is a first for us as we’ve always done co-sleeping. It just seems like she prefers her own space and she doesn’t like to be rocked to sleep anymore, which is great for my arms (although I’m starting to miss it). I don’t know why I felt like we should try it out, but we did and she seems to be adjusting to it fine. She whines while she’s awake, but she sleeps peacefully. It feels weird not having a kid in between us in bed though, lol.

We’re still trying to figure out a feeding routine, like what to give her, since her mood changes often. It’s not like she’s really picky, but she wants variety. We’ve been transitioning her to plain rice and other home-cooked dishes and she’s been tolerating it well. She’s always liked rice and noodles since she was able to eat it. We’ve mostly been giving her chicken, eggs, cha (which is kind of Vietnamese pork roll). Her veggie source is from the congee and for snacks she eats cereal, cheese, etc. I’m definitely more conscientious in making sure she gets all her nutrients since she has weight issues.

Her newest thing this week is when she kisses people, she automatically says bye. It comes out more like “bah”, but the meaning is there. So cute! Ah, I’m reveling in the kisses and her putting her head on my shoulder while I can.

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