Project BG3: Week 51 – Last Week as an Infant

August 13, 2015 Project BG3 0

Things have been moving along in terms of her birthday party. Everything is planned out, I just get to get everything, which I’ll do next week. Even though we all know first birthday parties are the adults, not the child, I’m still trying to make it the best for her.

She’s been doing good in the pack n play so far. Of course, as soon as she’s up, she wants out, but she sleeps in there perfectly. We started to separate her veggies, pureeing them and feeding it to her directly. That way I know she’s getting enough servings of her veggies. Normally, we’d put in her congee, which we still do, but since I know she doesn’t want to eat that all day, I’m offering her more options. It’s obvious she prefers whatever we eat though. I’m hoping her love of food sticks because she could really use some meat/fat on her.

We haven’t gotten far in the walking dept. Like I said, I’m not in a rush because once they walk, they don’t go back. But it makes me wonder/worry if she’ll match her sisters. Of course, I know that it’s perfectly normal for babies up to 18 months to not walk yet, so I’m not worried in that sense. She’s been good at walking when we hold her hands and you can often find her standing and staring at whatever strikes her fancy. It’s so cute!

I love watching her observe things, like when her sisters play together. I like to imagine her thinking that she’ll join in on the fun some day, logging what they’re doing so she can mimic them one day. She’s got a pretty good idea of what’s going on around her and it’s cool seeing how much she’s already learned so far.

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