Still Feel Blessed

August 28, 2015 Family 0

It’s times like this, when I realize that I have no friends and my family sucks, that I feel truly blessed to have met and fallen in love with the man I call Husband and for the family that we created together. When I wonder wth is wrong with me, if I’m even worth loving/caring for, it helps to know that at least one person in this work loves me. He’s my “ride or die” dude.

Some people, even family who have known us as a couple for 12 years, don’t understand our relationship. Many think I’m controlling and that he’s the pushover, but they never see the whole picture. They never see how much I respect my husband and value his opinions. They never see how much give and take we both put out, how much we compromise in order to keep this partnership running smoothly. Most of all, they don’t see the unconditional love that I didn’t think would exist outside family. And with my family, I’ve learned that there’s no such thing as unconditional, unfortunately.

They just don’t get us. They don’t get how to make a HAPPY marriage work. They don’t get that whatever it is we’re doing works for us. They don’t get that we’ve never been happier in our lives than when we’re together, that us as a couple feels right and how we just fit. I never believed in “meant to be”, but he’s made a believer out of me.

So yes, despite my total lack of any true friendships, except for one amazing person (jko) and my ridiculous excuse of a family, except my amazing sister, I still feel blessed. My husband may get on my nerves a lot, and I him, I’m sure (even though he never admits it), but our love/relationship is the best. He makes up for everything that I’m missing in life a thousand-fold and more.

So thank you, babe, for always going above and beyond to make me happy and for pushing me to say “No” to myself because you can never say it to me, lol. I love you.

I don’t have much, but what I do have makes me feel like I have all the love in the world that I’ll ever need. For that and more, I still feel blessed.

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