What July was Like for Vi

August 2, 2015 Monthly Wrap Up 3

July wasn’t a bad month in life personally. I got to spend the holiday with my family, we took the kids to the beach (it was the baby’s first time there) and I wrapped up my course sessions so I’m finally back home for good. Hopefully, that will be the last time I have to travel again ever, at least, without my family. This month was all about family and you know what? That’s the best thing in life!

We took some updated family photos a couple weeks ago, but I was a fool and did it on the hottest day of the year so my curls fell, I was sweating bullets, and the little kids wouldn’t cooperate. Fun times!

We didn’t do much else as I’m still studying for my upcoming exam. I’m at the point where I just want to call it quits, but I need to get it together and chug along.

beach reading

silly faces

I read 20 books in July, 13 were for review and 7 were for fun (5 were audiobooks). I’m definitely trying to cut back on review books and focus more on books I used to want to read and books I want to read for fun and not have to worry about doing reviews.

I’m also looking to revamp the blog again because I just don’t like what it’s become. The look will still stay the same because I’m content with it, but the content is abysmal. I never set out to be a book blog and that’s what it’s turned into. This blog has gone through so many niches in the past 5-6 years, I just don’t know what to do with it anymore, but I do know I want to make it my own again. More on that later…

Notable Book Reviews

every last breath

Fave of the Month: That would have to go to my review of Every Last Breath. It’s the first time where a review I wrote kind of felt spoilerish to me, but it was really hard not in order to fully express my feelings for it.

Eyes Shut

Got the Most Love: The incomparable Dr. Seuss got the most love this month, and it’s crazy because he’s made his appearance so late in the month!

never always sometimes

Needs Some Love: Looks like Never Always Sometimes needed a bit more love this month.

Best of the Baby


Hands down, it goes to when we took her to the beach and she had her first TASTE of the sand.

Non-Bookish Posts


I wrote my first real discussion post this month centered around the idea of “The Chase”. I’m looking forward to writing a ton more discussion posts and have an on-going list already. I just need to get around to writing it.

Good Enough for Instagram

I have really been feeling this background lately and have been using it for a lot of my pictures. What do you think?

I LOVE that ABDC is back and Quest Crew was one of my favorite dance crews. It’s funny becaue the hubs and I were just talking about how I wish they would bring that show back because it’s one of my favorite competition shows. I’ve recently gotten into America’s Got Talent, and even though there are plenty of good dancers, it just doesn’t compare to ABDC.

Seriously, my love for Ben Z. knows no bounds. He is SO freaking HOT! I recently discovered The Bachelorette, yes late to the game once again, and I love it.

I LOVE this print from my girl Jill at Baby Rabies. I would definitely hang this in my house. So pretty and eye-catching.

Sarah J. Maas is seriously the cutest person ever!

This seriously cracked me up so much, lol.

Song(s) of the Month

Is there anything John Legend and Meghan Trainor can’t do? I love these two artists so much. Meghan always has catchy, good songs and John Legend is just plain awesome. His voice is so damn soulful and sweet, I can listen to him all day. In fact, his part of the song was made into my current ringtone for the hubs, which replaced John’s song All of Me. As you can see, I love me some John Legend.

This is the latest song I’ve had on repeat lately. I know I’m totally late to the game on this one, but better late than never. Yes, I know I used that word and variations of it too much in these last few sentences, lol. And the music video?! Hilarious.

Three Memorable Tweets

I couldn’t pick just three this month as there were some really awesome ones. My dear friend Lena cracked me up so many times this month with her tweets. JLA started quite the initiative with her #UseSocialMediaForGood campaign and I loved it. I also recently got into this show UnReal on Lifetime and it’s excellent. Such good drama.

Cool Things I’ve Seen Around the Web

This reminded me that a FRIENDS marathon is in serious need in my life right now. I miss this show SO much and Phoebe really did have some great moments.

This new series by one of my favorite independent production companies, Wong Fu Productions, is so damn hilarious. It reminds of the classic videos they used to do and I’m excited to see more. I honestly laughed so hard while watching this.

East Asians Watched Yellowface And It Will Make You Cringe

Posted by BuzzFeed Video on Friday, July 31, 2015

I actually just watched this yesterday and it’s pretty spot on with how we Asians view how the media portrays us. I can’t even count how many times the media as belittled and offended the many diverse cultures of Asia. When will they get it right and show us some respect? Who knows…

So that was my month. How was yours?

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3 Responses to “What July was Like for Vi”

  1. Lena

    Hahahaha, I love it! I’m still pissed off about the season finale of UnREAL. Other than Adam’s accent (and maybe his eyes), there really isn’t anything attractive about him. Ugh! Good TV though. I’ll definitely watch season 2.

    Do you do that thing where you give your baby a lemon wedge and watch the faces she makes? My mother-in-law does that with all of the nieces and nephews. The faces they make are priceless. “I trusted you! How could you betray me like this?!”.

    Also, can we please take a moment and talk about how freaking cute Sarah Maas is? How does she get her teeth so straight and pearly white?
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