No More Formula. Ever!

September 17, 2015 Parenting 0


We’ve reached another milestone in our family/with the kids. After we decided to slowly introduce cow’s milk to BG3 by mixing it with her formula, she took to it very well. We started with 2 parts formula and 1 part cow’s milk and then gradually went up on the cow’s milk every few days. Now after about two weeks, she has been loving the cow’s milk and it might even be safe to say she’s drinking more of it.


I was worried there for a minute because I was able to switch the other girls from formula to cow’s milk cold turkey without any problems, although we had to give BG2 chocolate milk. She’s got one heck of a sweet tooth.

So yes, that officially means that we are done with formula FOREVER!

No more dealing with that nauseating smell, seriously, Alimentum is gag-inducing and I give babies props for being able to drink it like it’s nothing.

No more measuring and mixing. We chose to do the powdered form, since it’s cost-efficient and it definitely leaves a mess with all that measuring and mixing. I wonder if we wasted more formula than we used. And we stuck with the purified water, which was a pain to buy all the time, because we wanted the fluoride-free one, which was only at like one place.

So yeah, we’re all very happy that BG3 is taking to cow’s milk well. Even though we’re supposed to switch to the sippy cup, I think I might just hold off on that for awhile since she doesn’t drink a lot anyways. We do have a sippy cup filled with water for her meals though. Give it another year or so, and we’ll be done with bottles and diapers for good!

I can’t wait.

Any other parent happy when they reached this moment? Just me? Lol.

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