Holiday Gift Guide for Adults

November 11, 2015 Shopping 2


Today I’m sharing some of the favorite/wishlist items for those of you wondering what to get someone in your life in general. These are items that I know a lot of people want or items that I actually want this year.


FRIENDS Pop Vinyl Figurines
Even though these don’t release until January, I cannot wait to get them. I am a diehard FRIENDS fan and I can’t resist. As much as I love Funko Pop and I want a lot of the characters they have, I haven’t ever purchased any for myself. The kids have a few, but I’m a practical person, so I couldn’t justify getting any for myself. Anyways, I think I might have to make an exception for these ones because I’m such a big fan. I know, this isn’t technically plausible as a Christmas gift, but I just had to put this here.

happy planner

The Happy Planner

I have become a total planner addict lately. I love looking at spreads, stickers, and all of that on Instagram. I remember using paper planners back in middle & high school, but once my phone and laptop became front and center, I stopped. And as much as I do love the look and feel of a paper planner, I’m so crazy I know that if I mess up/cancel something, I’ll go crazy if I have to scratch it out or want to move things around and can’t. That and the fact that I know I can’t possibly keep up with a paper planner in my life right now as been the big reason why I don’t have one. Also, it costs a lot of money to keep up a paper planner. So yeah, not practical in my life right now. BUT, that doesn’t mean I can’t look at other people’s planners and admire. I’ve researched all the popular planners and know them inside and out from YouTube videos and such (such a planner junkie). The most popular planner is the Erin Condren Life Planner, but that is WAY to expensive (at least for my blood). More budget-friendly options would be the Plum Paper Planner (Etsy), the Day Life Planner (Target), and my favorite, The Happy Planner. Every time I come across a Happy Planner, I’m tempted to buy it, but I know I won’t use it.

In any case, it’s still a popular item and if you’re into paper planning, I’d definitely recommend this one.


This is the “hot ticket item” that the hubs (and most guys in general) is obsessed with. His friend has one and he borrows it from time to time, but I would love to get him one for Christmas. It’s basically like a segway without the handle. It looks like fun to ride, but I haven’t been brave enough to try it yet. They are fairly expensive and pretty heavy if you’ve ever tried to lift one, but they’re pretty cool.


21 Day Fix
If you didn’t already know, I’ve made it a point to lose weight for the next coming year. I want to get back to a good size for a wishlist photo shoot I want to do next summer, so that means getting fit. Not only that though, I was just feeling so sluggish and blah with my weight, I knew I needed to make a change. I’ve always been more of a gym person, just running or stuff like that, but getting the time and motivation to go to the gym w/my life nowadays is near impossible. So, I wanted a workout plan that I could do at home. I have an online friend who swears by Beachbody and all of their workouts and suggested I give 21 Day Fix a try. It’s effective and good for beginners like me who haven’t worked out for the longest time. After doing two rounds of it, I can safely say that I like it. It does work in helping you lose weight and the workouts aren’t bad at all. Without getting into it too much and making this about the product instead of the weight loss, I’ve lost 9lbs so far. Even though that’s not a lot given the time, it’s okay for me because I didn’t stick with the meal plan. Plain and simple. If you stick w/the meal plan and do the workouts, then you will lose the weight you want to lose. Autumn is a great trainer.

I really think that if you’re starting workouts again or starting for the first time, this would be the program for you.

electric hairbrush

Apalus Electric Hair Brush/Straightener
I’m more of a straight hair girl as opposed to curls, I saw this on TV once and I was like, SO COOL! I hardly use my straightener anymore nowadays though because I’m so lazy (despite it being simple to use), lol, but this hairbrush looks even simpler and quicker to use and I really want to try it. I don’t know, I like simple and quick. I’m a no fuss/no muss kind of girl so this is right up my alley. This brand seems to be the budget-friendly one that still works pretty well.

electric toothbrush

Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush
This has been a long time coming, but I’m finally making the plunge and getting an electric toothbrush for me and the hubs. I keep hearing how it cleans your teeth better than a manual toothbrush and how when people switch they don’t go back. I’m in a mood to change things up so I definitely want to give this a try this year.

So, what is on YOUR holiday wishlist this year? Anything on my list that you like, too?

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    • Vi

      Right?! I have to make an exception and get those FRIENDS funkos when they come out. The hubs wants to get mini hoverboards for the girls! Lol

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