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January 21, 2016 Plan With Vi 1


If you follow me on social media, particularly Instagram, then you’ll know that I have recently become OBSESSED with paper planning. I’ve been talking about paper planning for the last year or so since discovering that they do, in fact, still exist (I haven’t done the paper planning thing since high school), they’re extremely popular, and they have changed A LOT! There’s seriously this amazing planner community that I’m happy to say I’m not a part of. I love it when I find a supportive and fun community and I’ve been meaning to spread my creative wings for the longest time, so this is perfect.

So yeah, after going back and forth on whether I wanted to get back into it, the Hubs made the decision for me and bought me my very own Happy Planner for Christmas…and I’ve been hooked ever since!


As the blog is where I flaunt my obsessions, I thought it was time to transition into blogging about paper planning and all the wonderfulness that goes with it. The series will be called “Plan With Vi”, which is a play on the community’s feature “Plan With Me”. It’s basically a way for planners to show off their weekly spreads, how they decorate their planners, and how they plan their weeks. My version, however, encompasses not only that, but I’ll be doing features within the series, like:

Washi Wednesday: showing you my favorite washi’s of the week or new washi tape that I’ve added to my collection
All About the PENjamins: a planner girl has GOT TO have the PERFECT PEN and with so many on the market, why not share my trial and errors with each one I try out
Planner Girl Haul: this is obvious, but yeah, whatever planner-related goodies I happen to pick up
FriYAY! Free Planner Printables Round-Up: the latest FREE planner printables I’ve seen around the web
Stick It to Me, Baby: cute stickers I’m using or that are on my wishlist



One of my goals this year was to do more journaling and actual writing in general, and since I’m a HUGE list-lover, I discovered and am taking part in The Reset Girl’s Listers Gotta List challenge. I might just add a feature called “LISTen Up”, just to talk about that!


Of course, I’m not going to pressure myself into keeping this new series on a tight schedule. This year is all about doing what I want and taking things at my own pace. There will be weeks where you won’t see anything from this series and weeks where it’ll be all about this series. But I think, for the most part, this series will be broken apart into whatever feature I feel like writing about at the moment.

I am so excited about starting this new journey and seeing where it takes me.

All of my planner-related pictures will be posted to Instagram, so be sure to follow me on there. And, I’ve recently gotten into Periscope, which is like live-streaming through your phone, so if you have an iPhone, be sure get the app and follow me (@Vi3tBabe, of course). On Periscope, I like to do quick hauls, unboxings, and whatever other fun things I can think of. It’s basically like YouTube, but without the hassle of editing and I get to interact more with viewers.

So, who here is as planner-obsessed as I am right now? Let’s chat!

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