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January 25, 2016 Plan With Vi 0

I thought I’d start off this Plan With Vi journey by showing you all a few of my weekly spreads. It’s simply how I decorate my planner each week. Here are some examples with my tasks and stuff already written in:

IMG_8929 IMG_8990

And here’s one for this week, before I write in any of my tasks:


I guess I’m kind of doing a “cutesy” theme for now as I’m using a lot of the stickers that my girls already have. I’m still on a tight budget and even though I would love to buy up all those stickers on Etsy, I know I can’t. I have bought a lot of washi tape recently, to get me started (you’ll see more of that on Washi Wednesday). I did buy a few kits from an Etsy shop because they were having a sale, and I’ll write up a review about it soon.

So basically, I like to start by putting washi tape to cover up the “Morning, Afternoon, Evening” tabs. I like to add it to the bottom, too, if there isn’t a quote there. Then I add in all my MAMBI stickers, marking off my To Do lists and those “one line” stickers are for me to write in my time cards for work. I also like to add a quote or two for each week, just to keep me motivated. After the basics are set up, I put in some decorative stickers and lately I’ve been liking the “Song of the Week” note from MAMBI.

I’ve also been adding in a “This Week” section, usually on Saturdays, to reflect on the week and write in my thoughts and such. That’s pretty much how I’m doing it for now.

Let me know if you’d like me to film a “Plan With Me” video!

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