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March 15, 2016 Plan With Vi, Unbox Me 0

You all know I’m a subscription junkie and since I’ve recently become a planner junkie as well (yes, I have a lot of vices, lol) I’ve been looking for decently-priced boxes catering to planner nerds and the like.

Happie Scrappie is a subscription-based service that features kawaii (cute) items as well as useful items for those who love stationary, planners, pens, etc. Each month features a different theme, with various items custom-made based on that theme.

The company ships from Malaysia, so shipping is a bit costly for people in the US. The kit itself is $12.99 + $6.75 shipping. Also, since it’s international, shipping takes awhile so you most likely won’t get a specific month’s kit until the following month.

This month the theme was titled “Snap Snap” and it featured items revolved around photography and cameras.


2016-03-07 19.57.22

This was all the items that came in my box this month. Here we’ve got a mix of functional and cutesie items, all with the camera icon on it. As a planner nerd, I can definitely see myself using the inserts and stickers, so that’s the functional part. I can also use the notepad, but I have a ton of notepads, so there’s that.
Photo Mar 10, 6 24 54 AM

Photo Mar 10, 6 25 04 AM

I tried the pen out, and while it’s cute, the ink isn’t anything special. And while writing, it just felt like any other kind of pen. I do like how the camera charm is a pen itself, but again, there’s nothing too special about the pen itself.

Photo Mar 10, 6 25 28 AM

These are acrylic camera icons and camera paper clips. They’re both cute and perfect for photo props, but that’s about it.

Photo Mar 10, 6 25 41 AM Photo Mar 10, 6 25 48 AM

I suppose one could perforate these and use them as dashboards for their planners, but otherwise, they’re just decorative cards. Again, I love the look, but that’s about it.

Photo Mar 10, 6 25 54 AM Photo Mar 10, 6 25 58 AM


This was the envelope the whole kit came in. It was also wrapped in a bubble mailer, but given that it came from overseas, the envelope obviously got damaged, which totally made me all sad face.

Photo Mar 10, 6 26 56 AM Photo Mar 10, 6 27 16 AM

I think the inserts are really cute and I could see myself using them in my pretty personal-sized planner. I like that there’s a variety.


Is it worth it?

Overall, I wasn’t as impressed as I initially thought I would be. Yes, I knew beforehand what I’d be getting, but that kind of made me more excited to get it. Then when it arrived, I wasn’t as happy as I hoped. At first, I was excited but then after having it in hand, I realized this the items are more cutesie than functional, and not very practical. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the items. I’m all for cute items and I need all the props I can get for my Instagram photos, but I guess I was just expecting more. I think this might not be worth the cost of the box, especially when you factor in shipping, but then it’s also different as you wouldn’t find this in the US necessarily. I’m still going to give this box one more try to see how I feel about it. The next month’s kit is all about stationary and I like what I saw, although that was the case here as well. We shall see!

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