My Essentials: Chrome Browser Extensions

April 28, 2016 Advice Corner 1

It’s been forever and a day since I’ve done an Advice Corner post, so it was about time I sit down and get it done.

Today I wanted to talk about some of my favorite extensions that I have to have on my Chrome browser. I love Chrome and it’s my go-to browser. I used to love Firefox, like everyone else, but Chrome just works so smoothly for me. Anyways, whenever I get a new laptop, or just have to download Chrome for some reason, I make sure to get these extensions.

1. LastPass
– This is a MUST and will always be on the top of my list. I’m terrible with passwords and things have gotten so complicated over the years because of hackers and such. Lastpass takes away all that stress. Just remember one password and you’re set. Every other password for all your accounts or websites will be stored in your vault, you can download the extension for ALL your browsers and any computer that you use, and BAM! No worries at all. And yes, they even have an app, but it’s for premium users, which isn’t bad since it’s only $12/year, but I haven’t decided if I really need it on my phone just yet.

2. XMarks
– Right there with LastPass, is Xmarks, another MUST HAVE. It’s no wonder they’re from the same company. I’m all about my bookmarks, so I need to have them on my browsers. I love that you’re able to sync all your bookmarks on any browser and laptop that you choose.

3. Unspoiler
– This isn’t for everyone, but if you’ve got a fave TV show, but don’t have the time to watch it until much later on, this can save you from getting spoiled…and from others hearing you complain about being spoiled. But yeah, you just type in the show name or phrase you want to have blocked and the extension will

4. Force Background Tab
– I don’t know about you, but I don’t like it when you open a link onto another page and it automatically jumps to the page. Sometimes I like to just click on a bunch of links while I’m scrolling through an article or shopping, and I want to look at each page individually AFTER I’m done looking at the main page. It used to annoy me so much having to click back and forth between the original tab and the multiple ones I opened from it. I love this extension!

5. FB Photo Zoom
– I’ve used this extension for the longest time and it’s weird when I’m on a browser that doesn’t have this. My eyes aren’t the best and I don’t like to really click on the photo to get to the photo page and see it in all its glory, so it’s nice to have this extension. It automatically makes photos larger when you hover over them.

6. Grammerly
– I’m pretty good with grammar in general, but a lot of the time when I’m typing, I type so fast I don’t really pay attention, so typos can happen. I like having this extension to catch that. Also, there are moments when I don’t even know I made a grammar error, so that’s what this is for.

7. Super Auto Refresh
– This is good for pages that you like to have refreshed, but are tired of repetitively hitting that REFRESH button. You can set a timer for when you like to have the page refresh automatically. Anywhere from 2 seconds to 60 minutes.

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