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May 11, 2016 Advice Corner 0

I’m back with another Essentials post!

If you didn’t know, a long way back I posted about my 10 Fave WP Plugins. That was FOUR years ago! Yeah, things have definitely changed since then. Actually, the only plugins from back then that I still have now are CommentLuv and WPTouch Mobile, both of which (obviously) I still love.

So, I figured I’d do a follow-up post and let you all know what plugins I’m crazy about now and honestly, I haven’t changed them in quite awhile, so they’re still pretty awesome to me.

1. Comment Reply Notification
– This is a MUST HAVE. I had no idea that when I, or someone else, reply to a comment on my blog, the original commenter doesn’t know that I did! SO many replies have gone unnoticed and I feel so terrible because I want my readers to know that I appreciate and try my best to respond to all meaningful comments. It was really eye-opening to learn that tidbit, and I’m surprised that WP doesn’t automatically let commenters know that there’s a reply on their comment.


2. Easy Content Templates
– I do a lot of weekly (or regular, since I’m terrible with keeping up with things, lol) features and posts, so some of the content is informational and stays the same. Gone are the days when I’d have to repeatedly copy and paste said info, because I have this plugin. I actually used to use this for all of my book reviews before I purchased the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin. It’s so easy to set up the template you want and then load it into your current post. You have the option of just loading the content, title, or even an excerpt.

tweet poster tweets2

3. Evergreen Post Tweeter
– I used to use Tweet Old Post, but they changed that too much and had like a Pro version and I didn’t like what the free version had to offer, so I changed it up. This plugin is simple and does the job right. I set it up when I first got it and that’s it. Occasionally, I’ll go in and update it, check and uncheck certain categories, but I like the ease and ability to know which content you want to have tweeted and at what times.

expanding archives

4. Expanding Archives
– I never liked the original Archive selection WP has to offer and a lot of the plugins out there are too bulky and they don’t’ look as nice. This plugin makes my Archives list look so clean and simple, which is my style. I also love how it collapses and expands, so it doesn’t clutter your sidebar.


5. Growmap Anti Spambot
– Akismet does a great job at filtering out all the spam comments, but sometimes I feel like it can get bogged down but the amount. I definitely noticed a considerable decrease in the amount of spam I got when I installed this plugin.

quick featured

6. Quick Featured Images
– This is definitely one of my favorites. After finally finding a theme and style on the blog that I like, I wanted to make the posts itself look better, especially when someone is on the home page. A lot of my old posts don’t have pictures or the dimensions are all different. It was so easy and nice to have this plugin where I could just press a few clicks and set certain categories to automatically add a certain image to a post if there’s no featured image, or to just have all the posts in one category have the same featured image to stay cohesive.

So, what do you think of the ones I chose? Any you already use? What are some of your favorites?

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