A Diaper-Free House and Potty-Training Tips

August 16, 2016 BG3, Parenting 0

Looks like it’s that time again, the time that all parents both dread and wait impatiently for…


BG3 is creeping up on turning two and like with her sisters, I wanted to keep up the trend of getting my daughter potty-trained by the time they turn two. Each girl handled it fairly well and I had high hopes that the baby would follow suit.

I ended up doing things a little differently this time around. I’ve been working more, obviously, and my schedule is so crazed, it was hard for me to really dedicate 3-4 full days to straight training her like I did with the other two, so I thought I’d just casually and gradually train her.

Basically, the first thing I did was pay attention to when she would actually pee and poop. Taking note of that, I can predict when I need to haul her butt to the bathroom in the hopes that she would go on it. At first, she was very curious and often played along, sitting on the toilet for a few minutes, but not actually using it. She would even mimic wiping her bottom, thinking it was some kind of game. But, when it came time to get to business, she wasn’t having any of it.

Eventually, when I had a couple days off, I decided to give it a go and let her go sans diaper at home and see how it would play out. Well, let’s just say there were plenty of accidents. I think she went pee in the potty like once or twice, but that was after running to the bathroom multiple times and having her get all upset to the point where she would just pee as she cries. It was weird and oddly funny at the same time.

I kind of didn’t push her on it, as I went back and forth in my head about whether or not I wanted her to learn it right now or just push it off. I still kept trying, but I definitely haven’t been pressing the issue.

Fast forward to about two weeks since I first started trying to train her, but actually, there has only been about 4-5 days of full-on training, and I think she’s gotten the hang of it. She nows pees in the potty exclusively, so that’s great, but she still has some poop accidents, which I have to say, I wish it would be pee accidents instead…

Right now, we’re just working on getting her to go the whole night without peeing, as she’s had some nighttime accidents, and to make sure all her bowel moments are in the potty. Again, I’m not pushing it, if she does, she does.

You can tell how my mom brain and style has changed from kid to kid…

I have no doubt she’ll have it down when she starts daycare in Sept. though, so no worries there. So, all of this was just to say that this is pretty much it for us with diapers, thank goodness.

My potty-training advice:

– Pay attention to your child on when they “go” and look for any cues like touching or pointing to that area
– Make sure to reinforce words like “peepee” and “poopie” or something like that and associate it with the act so they know
– Each time they go on the potty, give them TONS of praise (a treat like candy or whatever is totally optional and really unnecessary in my opinion, but whatever works for you and your child)
– On the first day of training, let them walk around the house with absolutely NO bottoms on (i.e. no diaper, pull-ups, undies, pants), they WILL have accidents, and it’s less of a headache to do it this way
– Place a towel under them wherever they sit or nap/sleep to help with accidents

Above all else, don’t give up, don’t push them, and don’t get discouraged. This will happen for your child when they’re ready.

If you have any questions feel free to let me know in the comments.

Fist bump for a diaper-free house! Booyah!!!!!

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