January Favorites

February 8, 2017 Favorites 1

I’m a total creature of habit, so I don’t often have any new favorites, but I thought I’d share some from time to time when I’ve got a good amount.

Here’s what I’m currently obsessed with at the moment:

HP Series

The Harry Potter Audiobooks: I have not read HP since well before the movies ever came out. I know, I’m terrible. It’s always so hard for me to reread books because there’s so many books to read, lol. Life has been kind of busy and there’s hardly any time for me to hold a book, and I’ve always wanted to try, so I decided it was finally time for me to reread HP, but in audiobook format. Right now, I just started HP & the Deathly Hallows and I have loved listening to this series. I forgot so much about the series and it’s interesting to see what is different/left out when compared to the movies. I even got my Hubs to listen to it, he’s not much of a reader, and he’s loving it so far.

Pentel Energel

Pentel Energel Pens: I’m all about the gel pens ever since I got back into paper planning and have tried out quite a few brands. Right now, I am loving the Energel pens. I’ve been using the black pen for the last few months and it writes so smoothly, it doesn’t skip, and I haven’t had any issues with leakage or anything like that, which was a problem I was having with the Papermate Inkjoy gel pens (the popular pen in the planning world).

Korean Face Masks

Korean Face Masks: I know I’m totally late to the face mask game, but I’m obsessed! I’ve never been one to put much of anything on my face. I used to use cleansers and such when I was a teen, but I’ve never had a real problem with acne or problem skin. I do have dry patches here and there, but nothing bad and never felt the need to do anything else wash my face with soap and water. It’s been working so far. Anyways, I was in the mood for something different, and I know everyone loves face masks, so there was a great deal on these masks on Amazon, so I had to get them. I’ve used a few and gotten my whole family to use them as well and we all love them. It’s very refreshing and leaves your skin feeling tight and clean. Once I work my way through these I saw another batch I want to try, lol.

Pizza Twists Recipe

Pizza Twists: Every now and then I throw in a new recipe/meal for the family to change things up a bit and we all are loving these pizza twists. I love the sweetness of the puff pastries and the savory taste of the pizza sauce and toppings we put in it. The hubs loves that it’s easy and quick to make and it’s definitely been put into our permanent dinner rotation schedule.


Ellie&Jared: I’ve been trying to find other vloggers to watch. Of course, I’m obsessed with ItsJudysLife, BubzBeauty, and AprilJustinTV, but I wanted to find others, so I was just browsing around and discovered Ellie&Jared. I love them so much! Jared is hilarious and such a sweet hubs and dad. His love of Dr. Pepper cracks me up so much. Ellie is fun and I adore their cute little family. They’ve definitely become one of my favorite vloggers and I look forward to their vlogs every day.

Tombow Fudenosuke

Tombow Fudenosuke Pens: One of my resolutions this year was to practice better handwriting. I’ve tried the Tombow Brush Pens, but they’re kind of big and I just didn’t feel like I was improving with them or that my letters looked nice. These pens are amazing! Well, the soft tip is at least. I love writing with it and I’ve been using my Mini HP pages for practice. It just makes your handwriting look so pretty without trying too much. I barely have time for anything outside of my responsiblities these days, so I need something that will make my life easier, and this pen does when it comes to handlettering. I’m seriously going to order a whole batch of the soft tip pens.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have tried any like any of the items (and vloggers) I mentioned. Have an amazing day!

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