2017 Holiday Gift Guide for All Ages

November 27, 2017 Shopping 1

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I know I’m probably super late with this, but just in case you’re still looking for gift ideas for anyone in your life, or even yourself *wink wink*, then here’s what I’ve been eyeing lately.

shiatsu massage

Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

I don’t know about you, but my upper back kills me on most days. I know it’s my fault though because I have terrible posture and I’m sitting at a desk a lot. I’ve tried other massagers over the years, tried a massage chair, and I’ve done the occasional massage in a spa. They help here and there, but I definitely can’t afford those spa days too often and it’s been awhile since I’ve tried an at-home massager. This just looks cool and different and the reviews look promising. I like that there’s a heat option and it has a kneading motion. This is probably at the top of the list for a gift that I want.

phone stand

Phone and Watch Stand

My husband is notoriously hard to shop for. He has everything he could need and what he really wants are high-priced items like an LV/Supreme wallet or Kanye West sneakers, which I don’t mind getting for him, but he already gets it for himself. He really doesn’t ask for much and that can be tough when it comes to Christmas and birthdays. Anyways, this year I just focused on little items for my family, thinking about things that they don’t 100% need, but could also come in handy.

I really like this phone stand. We have a bigger wooden charging station for all kinds of devices like laptops, iPads, and phones downstairs, but no one has anything in their rooms or individually. I thought this would be a great gift for the hubs. He always charges his phone on his nightstand anyways, so why not have a nice, sturdy stand for it and his watch, which he always forgets to wear because it charges downstairs, away from the door.

FurReal Tiger

FurReal Tyler, the Roaring Tiger

Easily one of the HOT TICKET toys this year is this adorable little tiger. At first glance, it looks like any old stuffed animal that seems “lifelike”, but then you see it in action and man, I’m impressed. Toys these days are definitely not like they used to be. I love how interactive this thing is and my younger kids are really into animals/pets right now, but are SO not ready for the real thing. Plus, we’re all fans of tigers in my house. They’re just cool.

book no picturespress here

The Book with No Pictures by BJ Novak and Press Here by Herve Tullet

I know these books have been on the market for a long time now, but being a token “late to the game” person that I am, I never gave them a second glance when all the hype was building around them. BG1 and I happen to be in a B&N during one of our Mommy-Daughter dates and we flipped through these two books and loved them. We both got a kick out of them and we just knew that my younger kids would love them, too. They’re definitely fun reads and perfect additions to any home library.


Bookish Candles feat. FlicktheWick

I’m probably one of the least girly girls you’ll know, especially when it comes to stuff like candles. I’ve never lit, let along owned, a candle that wasn’t meant for birthdays. Everyone loves them for their scents, colors, and decorative elements, but I never cared at all. But, I suppose time changes you, because I’ve recently become addicted to candles, bookish-themed ones in particular. The labels are just so pretty and the jars are so cute. Add to that the fact that it’s related to books and character I love, without having anything whatsoever to do with said books and characters, I just had to try them out. Overall, I really like them. I definitely hold back and get only those from fandoms I’m obsessed with, but regardless, they all look and smell great. I’ve only ordered from two shops, but they all look good. FlicktheWick just wins because I’ve liked the scents of each and every candle I bought.

meme game

What Do You Meme? Game

I am all about bringing back Game Night, even though we don’t have the time or energy for it nowadays, but dammit I want to make it happen. Everyone loves a good meme and I can only imagine how many laughs everyone playing would get out of this. Granted, I’ve never played Cards Against Humanity *hangs head in shame* but I believe it’s similar to that, so it should be loads of fun.

pocket planner


And of course, my list wouldn’t be complete without something planner-related. This year I am obsessed with my Louis Vuitton pocket planner. It’s just so pretty and classy-looking. Very chic. I mean, that’s just LV in general. I’m still a Happy Planner girl, don’t get me wrong, but I love the look and compact style of it. I use it as a weekend planner/running to-list kind of planner, so I’m not in it every day, but still, I love it. I’m also really feeling rings lately, so there may be a switch coming soon!

I hope you like this list. Let me know if you’re planning to get any of them and your thoughts. What’s on your list this year?

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