Why I’m OBSESSED with Podcasts

February 14, 2018 On My Mind 0

Yes, I’ve fallen down the podcast rabbit hole, and I love it!

I’ve known about podcasts for years, but I’ve never been interested in trying it out. I don’t know why. It’s been around for forever, but I guess I just felt drawn to blogs, and then youtube videos, in terms of both reading/viewing and content creating. Lo and behold, the past couple of months I’ve had the itch to try something new and really get creative again, and I decided to give podcasts a try.

And yes, I love it.

What are podcasts, you ask? It’s basically a radio/talk show kind of media outlet where you’re just listening to someone talk about whatever topic they’re discussing. There’s no visuals, no video feed, just listening to someone talk.

I don’t know if I’ve always been more of an “audio person”, but I do know that’s the case lately. I’ve definitely been a fan of just listening to content, particularly when I discovered my love for audiobooks. I used to think I could never listen to an audiobook. It’s slow (even though you can increase the speed), I need the words/pages physically in front of me, I would lose focus/attention easy, etc. All of the excuses people make for not listening to audiobooks, that’s what I had. Then, I decided to give it a try and I haven’t looked back since. I went back and forth with it at the beginning and I’ll admit that there are times that I miss something in a book that wouldn’t have if I had actually read it physically, but it’s kind of become the primary way of reading for me within the last couple of years. I’m in the car A LOT, especially when I was traveling for school, and audiobooks were key to keeping me entertained on the road. Of course, music is always there and I love it, but I’ve always been a kind of mood listener (and that’s a topic for another day).

But yeah, I’m an audio kind of consumer. Of course, I love the visual (i.e. Youtube and Instagram), but more often than not, I really just need something/someone to listen to while I do whatever it is I need/want to do day to day. That’s really the key factor in all this. I’m a busy person and I’ve got things to do, so it’s not often that I have time to really sit in front of a screen and watch something. Even scrolling through Instagram and looking at pictures is losing its charm on me and I honestly go on there more for the IG Stories nowadays, particularly when people talk or have some form of video on it. I really stopped and noticed that about myself over the last year and I knew I had to explore this and see where it led.

Not only do I listen to audiobooks/podcasts in the car, but also when I’m performing mindless tasks like chores or even when I’m working. I just need some noise in the background and certain podcasts have amazing content that I genuinely like listening to. I’ve always loved reading/listening to critic reviews and getting news, so it kind of fits in the terms of podcasts.

In terms of creating content, I honestly love that it gives me a voice and I don’t have to do much for it, at least initially. Whenever I see something I’m interested in, like a new book or movie, current news, or even general opinions I have about certain things, I like that I can just pull out my phone, record my thoughts, do some very quick/minor edits, and then get it uploaded and out in the world so quickly. I know that this isn’t something that will make me any money or bring me any fame, but I’m actually okay with that. This is genuinely fun for me to do and I get so excited to record a podcast and to upload it. It kind of reminds me of the old days when I first started my blog or my channel. Also, despite the community being saturated with content, I still feel like I contribute in a positive way and I honestly don’t feel the need to compare and compete like I have on so many other communities.

Anyways, I just wanted to share this on my blog, which also helps me in my goal to be more active on this blog, lol. I definitely wanted to redirect this blog into more of a written outlet for me to express myself as opposed to the book blog it had become over the years. Will there be book reviews coming? Sure. If I feel like it warrants being on my blog. Honestly, my reading has slowed down to a snail’s pace, and I have made it a point to review each book I read regardless of if it’s from the publisher or not, but it’s more of quick thoughts/unstructured reviews as opposed to formulaic ones that I used to do. I want to write more about my kids and parenthood. I want to write about movies and TV. I just want to write whatever the heck I want to when I want to. This feels more like me again and I love it.

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